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Childcare Health Worker-Temporary

Job Type: Seasonal - Location: West Cook YMCA


The West Cook YMCA is creating a safe K - 8th grade childcare solution for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cook County Health Department, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, Loyola Medicine, and other healthcare partners are providing oversight and technical assistance for this operation. Health Care Professionals are needed to assist with maintaining a safe and healthy environment including executing general measures to prevent disease transmission, screening children for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 infection, and carrying out appropriate response protocols.

  • Conduct COVID-19 screenings including measuring temperature prior to the child entering the YMCA facility
  • Document screening results per YMCA protocols.
  • Provide COVID-19 education and assurance to children, parents, and colleagues per Coronavirus practices.
  • Support the YMCA in instituting and execute disease transmission prevention measures.
  • Document screening results per YMCA protocols.
  • Training and “deputizing” appropriate YMCA staff to assist in health care worker duties as needed.
  • Periodically monitor child care program spaces to ensure that children and staff are following best practices and make recommended changes as needed and as new information becomes available.

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Childcare Worker-School Age- Temporary

Job Type: Seasonal - Location: West Cook YMCA

Position Summary

Child Care Workers will be supervising children in a specialty childcare program designed for the children of health care workers.  This role includes a wide range of activities that can include homework help, pool time, enrichment activities, and physical activities with school aged children.  Other duties include maintaining specific and strict protocols pertaining to sanitation, and cleanliness for children, other staff members and program spaces. 

Essential Functions

  1. Partners on the design of the curriculum established by the Program Leads
  2. Implements the daily lesson/activity plans.
  3. Supervises and actively engages the children, classroom, and all activities.
  4. Makes ongoing, systematic observations and evaluations of each child.
  5. Maintains communication with parents.
  6. Maintains program site and equipment.
  7. Maintains required program records.
  8. Attends and participates in family nights, program activities, staff meetings, and staff training.

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Fitness Expert

Job Type: Full Time - Location: West Cook YMCA


The West Cook YMCA has made a commitment to providing premiere fitness programming that enhances individuals’ health and well-being while also fostering connections and building community. Fitness Experts are the frontline staff in this movement. They provide instruction for group fitness classes onsite and offsite, conduct one-on-one and small group personal training (PT) sessions, offer fitness consultations and Wellness Center orientations, and assist with other Healthy Living programming and special events. Fitness Experts play a crucial role in helping participants to advance their workout efficiency, improve their fitness level, and most importantly, make strides towards achieving a greater sense of health and well-being.

  1. Model the YMCA’s commitment to improving health and well-being.
  2. Conduct a minimum of 8-10 PT sessions, 8-10 group fitness classes, and 8 fitness consultations per week.
  3. Design and implement biomechanically sound PT programs and progressions directly related to the client’s level and goals; document the client’s progress and maintain client files.
  4. Consistently indicate availability, projecting a minimum of 6-8 weeks into the future, using YMCA scheduling software (Appointment King)
  5. Allow adequate time pre/post class to engage with participants in order to help build a greater sense of community and provide opportunities for health literacy.
  6. Be knowledgeable of and enforce YMCA procedures and protocols related to fitness programming
  7. Respond immediately to emergency situations in accordance with YMCA policies and procedures. Adhere to all guidelines and procedures set forth in the West Cook YMCA Handbook.
  8. Assist the Healthy Living Department in finding substitutes when unable to attend a scheduled group fitness class or PT session.
  9. Attend and contribute to all mandatory staff meetings, workshops, and in-services.
  10. Keep the facility areas and equipment organized, clean, and inviting.
  11. Disinfect equipment before and after each group fitness class and PT session. Be responsible for space setup and breakdown, as well as member health screenings.
  12. Properly handle the sound system equipment and be responsible for personal headset mic.
  13. Perform other duties as assigned by the Healthy Living Fitness Program Coordinator.

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