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new cardio equipment in the wellness center

We are happy to provide this new investment for our members. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions by emailing our team at fitness@westcookymca.org.

cardio equipment installed in November

AMT 835 Adaptive Motion Trainer Arc Trainer Total Body
AssaultBike Elite EXF 835 Crosstrainer
Heat Performance Row Integrity Cross Trainer
Integrity Recumbent Bike Integrity Treadmill
Integrity Upright Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Cardio equipmment installed in 2022

(due to Supply Chain Crisis)

Power Mill Climber

connected apps on samsung tablets

Samsung tablets can be checked out at the front desk with a driver's license. West Cook YMCA ID cards will not be accepted to check out. The following apps will be available:

West Cook YMCA Mobile App Audible
FITNESS  Pocket Casts
10K Runner Spotify
Fitbit Health & Fitness The Calm App
Fitness & Bodybuilding Pro Youtube TV
Fitness Buddy  
JEFIT Workout Planner Games
MyFitnessPal Jeopardy!
Wear OS for Android New York Times Crossworks

tablet rules

Tablets can be checked out for 90 minutes by members with a driver's license. One tablet can be checked out per member and they are on a first come, first serve basis. It is recommended that you bring your own headphones as the Y does not provide any and they must be work when using any audio on the devices. 

  1. Tablets can only be used in the Wellness Center.
  2. Do not take photographs.
  3. Do not take the device outside of the facility.
  4. Audio, without the use of headphones, is not allowed.
  5. Use of Y equipment to access inappropriate Internet content will not be tolerated. The West Cook YMCA reserves the right to determine what is considered inappropriate.
  6. Report any damaged equipment to the Y staff; do not attempt to repair it on your own, no matter how simple the problem appears.
  7. Using the Y tablets for any illegal activity, including but not limited to copying software or streaming audio or video files that are protected under copyright law, will result in suspension of privileges to use the West Cook YMCA’s tablets. 
  8. Prior to returning the device, please make sure you have logged out of all personal accounts.
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