West Cook YMCA

Rapid Response Scholarship

The West Cook YMCA sees no better expression of our goal to promote social equity in our communities than through our scholarship program. Your Y promises to open its doors to all and provide access to a healthy spirit, mind, and body regardless of ability to pay. Because of our members who have generously contributed to the Annual Support Campaign, we have been able to serve our communities’ needs in this manner and are ready to continue supporting those who now find themselves in need.

We understand the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our country, our state, and our communities. To better meet the needs of those impacted by this pandemic, we are excited to announce our Rapid Response Scholarship program. This updated and improved scholarship program is designed to provide rapid financial assistance approval to those in need without encumbering them with an extended, slow process.

Please complete the form below for a rapid response scholarship

We are asking you to select your current household's monthly income level to provide a rapid response scholarship for your first 30 days back at the Y. In order to receive an additional 3 months of financial assistance, you will need to submit proof of your monthly income to our team at scholarship@westcookymca.org

  • To ensure funds are being utilized, scholarship recipients are required to visit the West Cook YMCA three times a week. If the Y is not utilized by recipients, then scholarships are forfeited and given to a member another member in need.
  • The Rapid Response Scholarship is only available to current members living in the West Cook YMCA service area.
  • Scholarships only apply to Adult (21+), Youth (Ages 6-17), and Household membership rates.
  • Current scholarship recipients can apply for a Rapid Response Scholarship once their current scholarship expires.
Please choose your household's monthly gross income.
 $3000 - $3250 for 30% scholarship
 $2750 - $2999 for 40% scholarship
 $2500 - $2749 for 50% scholarship
 $2250 - $2499 for 60% scholarship
 $2000 - $2249 for 70% scholarship
 $1500 - $1999 for 80% scholarship
 $1499 and under for 90% scholarship
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Last Name
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