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Healthy Living

The Healthy Living Fitness department at the West Cook YMCA is committed to our community and members through intentional programming that enables every individual the opportunity to improve their quality of life. We strive to create an environment where you feel comfortable knowing that our staff are working to create a holistic experience to better yourself.

We are a cause-driven organization that aims to go above and beyond the goals of a typical gym or health club, therefore your peace of mind is our priority. Our facility and staff have adjusted extensively in order to ensure the highest safety standards in response to the pandemic. Due to the ever-changing nature of today’s world, we are continually evaluating the state and CDC facility recommendations to ensure our responses are consistently appropriate. Strategic placement of these standards, along with additional changes we have taken to err on the side of caution, allow us to assure you that progress towards your health and wellness goals is safely available.

The fitness department is shifting its approach in order to continue our mission to position ourselves as your preferred health and wellness provider. Our fitness experts are trained across multiple areas of expertise with the goal of supporting you toward a balanced lifestyle. This is achieved through thoughtful coordination of our staff and schedules in a manner that weaves your physical health with your mental wellness.

For example, strength training classes pair wonderfully with a class focusing on stretching and mindfulness, while aerobic exercise may complement the customized efforts of a personal training session. Our facility’s inclusion of diverse options such as water fitness and healthy aging allows our members to enjoy programming that is truly curated to fit their needs. In this way, we hope to encourage you to achieve greater fulfillment with respect to spirit, mind and body.

In summary, we aim to provide the resources necessary to elicit positive behavior change across all stages and circumstances of life. Our staff are here to guide you through a journey that empowers you as the unique individual that you are. Start making that progress and feel confident that the West Cook Y is here to support you every step of the way!


At the Y, we use the term well-being  to talk about the positive impact we have on the communities we serve. Well-being is an individualized concept' the things that help one person be well are not necessarily the same things that help another be well. Because of this, people come to the Y with the hope of increasing their well-being in ways that are very personal. Still, through years of research and reflection, we believe there to be nine dimensions of well-being that Ys deliver through their programs. We believe that every member, program participant, and volunteer and staff experience at the Y results in a change in at least one of these nine dimensions of well-being. Download the Nine Dimensions of Well-Being Worksheet.


SMART is an acronym that stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. It was first introduced in the business world in the 1980s as a framework to help managers develop objectives that were clear, well-crafted, and trackable. We can use this same acronym today to help us set our own goals, whether personal or professional. It will establish a strong foundation on which we can build ourselves up for success. Download SMART Goal Worksheet.


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