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October 2014 Message from Phillip Jimenez

Published 10.07.14


Greetings –

How do you spell camaraderie?


The volunteers, residents, board members, staff, national YMCA team and corporate friends of the West Cook YMCA who actively participated in our two-week end of summer Recess will tell you that their experiences gave new meaning to one of the YMCA’s core missions-- spelled


As a newly minted four-month-old member of this YMCA family, the Recess was a wonderful opportunity to observe how a dedicated team put into action the essential principles of the familiar triangle in our logo whose  three equal sides remind us that our mission is to develop a healthy “spirit, mind and body.”

The West Cook YMCA achieved far more during the Recess than a new more welcoming reception desk, a high-tech pool membrane, fresh paint and new floor coverings.

Board members and residents worked side- by- side to solve logistics challenges.  More than 110 volunteers from all walks of life spent countless hours assisting the Y staff with such mundane tasks as wall prep and painting. National Y staff team members guided us through many issues and obstacles and corporate teams on loan to the YMCA were most generous with their time and talent.

The Recess was great testimony to how passionate and powerful a group of people who share common values and common goals could bond with one another to burnish and brighten this 60-year-old YMCA building to a level that has not been seen in decades.

To all who shared the dust, din and disarray of those two weeks, I am most grateful. Your perseverance and positive attitude paid off so now our members, residents and all in the communities we serve can have a fresh start. 

This was an important first step for me to lead during this initial business quarter, for it is a clear demonstration of stewardship, preserving the important assets that the West Cook YMCA has developed over the decades.

Now, we must build on the SPIRIT of teamwork that prevailed during the Recess to pull together for the future of the West Cook YMCA.

We’re making excellent progress.

We’ve been able to jump start improved experiences for our members through some targeted investments in key facilities.

The recent Membership campaign resulted in 45 new memberships and 105 new individual members whose annual revenue is projected to net more than $ 45,000.

We’re on target to reposition this YMCA with several innovative programs that will meet the actual needs of the communities we serve.

We’re actively engaged in implementing several new strategic partnerships with other community organizations in our service area and strengthening relationships that already exist.

As we consider new programs and possible reconfiguration of our existing facilities, our focus will be to explore more opportunities for the “Y without walls” concept,” that serves constituents in their own communities, not necessarily always through programs on Marion Street.

Together, all of these actions will result in stronger program offerings, greater operational efficiencies, an improved fiscal position for this 110-year-old not-for-profit organization and most important, better values for our members.


Phillip Jiménez
President and CEO

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