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Published 06.05.22

health and wellness update- june 2022


Summer is here and it is our pleasure to share with our members that more health and wellness programs and amenities are on their way over the next 3-4 months.
Members now have access to 19 group fitness classes to participate in at different days and times throughout the week. These classes include cycling, strength and cardio classes, water fitness, yoga, and classes designed for older adults. We invite you to make a reservation today and join one of our new fitness classes.
In speaking with our members, we know that you are expressing interest in certain amenities that are not back yet. As we continue to bring back our health and wellness programs and amenities, we ask that you participate in a survey to help inform what you, our members, are looking for in both the sampling of programs and amenities to offer and the best days and times.


Whether you are new to the fitness scene or a seasoned veteran, we can offer you one-on-one support when it comes to personal fitness. Our certified personal trainers can offer assistance with Fitness Consultations, Wellness Center Orientations and Personal Training. We’re here to help you create a personalized plan for success. 
Personal training is the most supported and curated experience in fitness. Whether you need a check-up here and there or regular motivation and structure, our personal trainers are here to help you. Personal training is also available for kids and groups by request. Certified personal trainers are available at convenient times to give you individual attention. Each package contains an initial Fitness Consultation to determine your goals and what each session will include. Sessions are 60 or 30 minutes in length.
Members receive 2 complimentary fitness consultations per year. All fitness consultations include a one-on-one meeting with a personal trainer to help you determine and achieve your goals and a fitness assessment that analyzes your body composition, blood pressure, cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance, and flexibility. This assessment will allow you to better understand where you are in your healthy lifestyle journey and areas in which you can begin to set goals and improve your health. It will also includes a wellness center orientation to give you an overview of the space and equipment as well as information on programs that align with your goals.
Wellness Center Orientations introduce youth participants to the basics of using cardio machines and a select number of strength machines. All youth ages 10-15 are REQUIRED to have a Wellness Center Orientation prior to using the equipment. 12-15 year olds may then use the Wellness Center on their own, and 10-11 year olds must have a parent or guardian (18+) with them. Children under 16 may not use the Free Weights Area unless working with a Y Personal Trainer.
If you are interested in either of these three programs, make a reservation today. Please note that Personal Training requires a purchase of sessions through our online registration system.
When booking reservations, you can filter by category to make your search for availability easier. Please look for "Personal Training" or "Fitness Consultations or Wellness Center Orientations."


Beginning in August, your Y is launching the next cohorts for our Diabetes Prevention Program and Blood Pressure Self Monitoring that will be held in-person at the Y. In September, we will be launching our Weight Loss Program, LiveStrong at the YMCA, and Enhance Fitness.
Our Chronic Disease Prevention programs are aimed at reducing the social determinants of health and increasing overall well-being. Our programs focus on preventing type 2 diabetes, lowering blood pressure, managing arthritis, helping those who with cancer on their journey to recovery, and helping adults lose weight and reduce their risk for developing chronic diseases. You can learn more about each program by clicking on the buttons.
Many of these programs are offered at little to no cost and may also be covered by insurance. If you are interested in any of these programs, email our team at cdp@westcookymca.org.



SMART Goals from West Cook YMCA on Vimeo.

SMART is an acronym that stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. It was first introduced in the business world in the 1980s as a framework to help managers develop objectives that were clear, well-crafted, and trackable. We can use this same acronym today to help us set our own goals, whether personal or professional. It will establish a strong foundation on which we can build ourselves up for success. Download SMART Goal Worksheet.


9 Dimensions of Well-being from West Cook YMCA on Vimeo.

At the Y, we use the term well-being  to talk about the positive impact we have on the communities we serve. Well-being is an individualized concept' the things that help one person be well are not necessarily the same things that help another be well. Because of this, people come to the Y with the hope of increasing their well-being in ways that are very personal. Still, through years of research and reflection, we believe there to be nine dimensions of well-being that Ys deliver through their programs. We believe that every member, program participant, and volunteer and staff experience at the Y results in a change in at least one of these nine dimensions of well-being. Download the Nine Dimensions of Well-Being Worksheet.


It is here. We have been sharing over the last 9 months about the content hub coming online through the Virtual Y platform.
The content hub provides access to hundreds of virtual programs from other Ys across the nation including fitness, sports, youth, and family and so much more. As more and more Ys come onboard, the library of on-demand videos will continue to grow. The West Cook YMCA is proud to be the first Y in the nation to onboard this new complimentary amenity to our members.
We have published 30 new videos out of the 100s currently available and will continue to publish more over the next couple of weeks.
A feature of the content hub is a new dashboard that will show the videos that you can choose by category, instructor, and even designate videos as your favorite. It will eventually tell you which videos are the most watched by Y members. We are excited to enhance your member experience through the content hub in our Virtual Y platform.


All members must have a reservation or be registered for a paid program to enter the YMCA. Reservations can be made online or through the mobile app.
Need help logging in? Check out our new tech support page providing instructions to troubleshoot common login issues.

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