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Preschool Update: Only 11 Openings Left
Published: 10.03.16 -

A child's preschool experience can have a major impact for the future because a child who attends preschool gains important skills that provide a foundation for reading and math success in elementary school. And here's another reason why this is such an important choice - the benefits of preschool continue as a child grows! In fact, a child who attends preschool is more likely to finish high school and attend college than children who don't.

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September 2016 CEO Message
Published: 09.10.16 -

Isn't it wonderful when you rediscover a great restaurant where you've enjoyed a terrific meal? Or maybe you've had the opportunity to revisit a favorite vacation destination that brings back fond memories. For some people, rediscovering their own family roots brings a great sense of pleasure and reassurance to their lives.

By the time you read this message we'll be ready for all West Cook YMCA members to "Come Rediscover their Y."

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August 2016 CEO Message
Published: 08.08.16 -

August used to be the month when nearly everyone expected to be uncomfortable with the heat and humidity.

But today, in addition to coping with the challenges of Midwestern weather, it seems that we're constantly being tried and tested via intrusive print and broadcast outlets and the ever present social media platforms -- with sights and sounds of senseless violence, shootings, and unsettling disturbances both around the world and in nearby communities.

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West Cook YMCA Discusses Water Safety with NBC5 News
Published: 06.23.16 -

"Children of minority communities are 2-3 times more likely to pass away from drowning. [Ultimately] we believe it's very important to provide these free swim lessons here in the community in order to address that particular issue." —Phillip Jiménez, West Cook YMCA President & CEO

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June 2016 CEO Message
Published: 06.13.16 -

As we begin another program season at the Y, I should note that last month I marked my second year as CEO of the West Cook YMCA.

It has been both a humbling and a very enriching experience to have the opportunity to be at the helm of this Y at this time.  These past two years have been marked by our version of the three Rs-"renewal, repositioning and reinventing" ourselves to better serve our communities. 

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April Member Newsletter
Published: 04.22.16 - Click here to read the April Member Newsletter. Want to get these newsletters in your inbox? Sign up for our email list here!
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April 2016 CEO Message
Published: 03.31.16 - It’s always good to double check if you’re on the right path toward achieving one’s goal. I had a fine opportunity to experience that very perspective when I was a guest of Patrick Maloney, Chief Executive Officer of West Suburban Medical Center and Westlake Hospital, at a recent Infant Welfare Society’s Children’s Clinic
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March 2016 CEO Message
Published: 03.01.16 - March 2016 is filled with some pretty important dates. Pundits and commentators will suggest that it’s the first day of March – Super Tuesday. Others cite March 15 when scores of states will hold primary elections. Irish people will assert that March 17 is the only day that really matters in March while those of Polish descent will advocate
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