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The West Cook YMCA Competitive Swim Team (also known as TOPS) has a philosophy of helping young people become champions of themselves and life through the sport of swimming. We believe this can be achieved by encouraging individuals to attain their own highest level of personal development. By striving to achieve their own goals and helping their teammates to achieve theirs, we believe that every athlete participating on the team can become a champion. Our program is divided into 3 basic categories: Developmental, Age Group and Senior. Each level of the program is designed to incorporate the needs of the developing athletes. 

Fees for the Competitive Swim Team do not include membership fees which are required for all squads other than Tiny Tops. 


The Developmental Team has three main goals: create a foundation in the sport of swimming, introduce racing, and have fun doing it. Our developmental groups break down stroke technique into easy to learn steps by using drills. Workouts teach proper technique and endurance in all four competitive strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle), as well as flip turns and racing dives. Our warm YMCA pool is the perfect environment for our swimmers to learn and develop. 


The Age Group program motivates and challenges swimmers by teaching proper technique and racing fundamentals. With a combination of challenging swim and dry land workouts, the Age Group squads focus on core strength, balance, and body position to minimize drag in the water. The age group program is built on stroke technique and aerobic endurance, providing a base for young swimmers to build on, at a higher level. 


Our senior team fine tunes strokes with a greater emphasis on athletic fitness. The senior team combines swimming workouts with an advanced strength and conditioning program, to prepare our athletes to compete at their highest level. Our senior swimmers compete at the state and national level, and are leaders on their high school swim teams. 


For more information about pricing and schedules, visit their website at www.topswim.org or see the West Cook YMCA program brochure.

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