West Cook YMCA Water Fitness Classes 2024


Experience the benefits of water resistance to improve cardiovascular ability, strength, balance and flexibility. Water fitness classes are for individuals of every age and ability! Participants do not need to know how to swim but should be comfortable in the water... The workouts will be adaptable based on individual fitness levels, and can accommodate those looking for low to moderate intensity, as well as a high intensity workout in the pool. Be ready for overall cardio, strength and range of motion using the low/no impact of the water, and a variety of flotation devices when appropriate. See you all on the pool deck.

Choose to participate in the shallow or the deep end of the pool during our water fitness classes. Shallow Water Fitness is a low to moderate intensity low-impact total body workout that takes place i nthe shallow end of the pool. Participants do not need to know how to swim. Deep Water Fitness is a moderate to high intensity workout that takes place in the pool. Participants can increase their range of motion using non-impact movements for an overall cardio and strength workout. A flotation device is provided.